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Full length versions coming soon to MP3.COM
and a radio station near you!

Music Clips from our 2003 Demo CD
  Valkyries On The Air!

Maine Radio Stations:

WSJB 91.1fm St. Joseph's College
Please call their request line 207-893-3100 to hear Earthplane or Pebbles 'n Bones.

We've just been added to their playlist - thanks to DJ/Station Manager Kristen Schulze. You can also check out Kristen's show on Monday nights 9pm-midnight.
Click here to visit their website

WRFR 93.3fm Rockland ME
Request line 207-594-0721.

Call DJ Will Matson on Mondays & Fridays 1-5pm to hear Earthplane or Pebbles 'n Bones.Click here to visit their website

WTOS 105.1fm Augusta ME
Request line 207-621-9867.

Call DJ Jay Knight Mon.-Thurs. 6-11pm to hear Earthplane or Pebbles 'n Bones.
Email Jay Here

Original Clips:
Full length verions of Earthplane and Pebbles 'n Bones have been selected to represent Maine on the Downline Records CD compiliation titled 'Bands Across America'.
Earthplane 1:26 (591kb)

Pebbles 'n Bones 1:54 (783kb)

Clips from the Coast to Coast TV show
Angelfix :43 (297kb)

Here We Go 1:08 (467kb)

Cover Clips:
Like the Way I Do 1:24 (577kb)

Manic Monday :50 (343kb)

Other Radio Stations (NH & MA)

WFRD 99.3fm (99rock) Hanover NH
Request line 603-643-rock (603-643-7625)

or click here to request online
CJ the DJ co-hosts the Homegrown show Weds. nights 9-10pm.
Click here to visit their website

Coming soon to
The Rocket (104.7 fm) Hyannis MA

Click here to check out their website
The Cheap Seats (Sundays, 8pm-11pm)
Hosted by Cat - cheap@cape.com
Station Phone: 508-790-3773